26 January, 2020

Regional Centre

Material Dispatch Details


IGNOU Regional Centre, Cochin started distribution of study materials from July 2008 onwards. Regional Centre, Cochin has its own warehouse for storing SLMs approximately of 4000 sqft for storage and issue.
Broad activities of the section involves:
a)     Preparation of estimates/ projections of study material requirements semester-wise & course-wise,
b)     Segregation of SLMs, stocking and procurement of required stationery for dispatch,
c)      Maintenance of inventory of study materials and other related items,
d)     Distribution of study materials to Study Centres,
e)     Distribution of study materials to students from the Regional Centre and through Study Centres.
Once registration for various academic programmes are completed (January/July) (both fresh admissions and re-registration), the Material Distribution Section receives the list of students registered through the Admission Section, programme wise and study centre wise providing student registration database for issue of SLMs viz enrollment number, programme, medium, courses opted etc. Accordingly, SLMs are segregated, packed and will be kept ready for dispatch to students.
RC Cochin follows the following for distribution of SLMs to students and Study Centres:
  • Once SLMs are ready for dispatch, SMS alerts are sent to students through the registered mobile number of the students informing the readiness of the SLMs.
  • Students attached to the study centres within Ernakulam (Kochi) are requested through SMS alerts, to come and collect the SLMs directly from the Regional Centre during any working day between 09.30 am to 06.00pm. Students who do not collect SLMs from the Regional Centre, even after giving a reasonable time, the same are sent by Registered post to students.
  • SLMs to students attached to study centres outside the Ernakulam (Cochin) are dispatched to study centre concerned and the student will be asked to collect such study materials from the respective study centre in person during induction or before study centre begins counselling.
  • In case where few number of students are attached to any study centre, SLMs will be sent directly to students by the Registered post.
  • In case, if it is not feasible to distribute the SLMs in full set due to non-availability/ Shortage of stock, available SLMs will be issued to students and balance material will be sent immediately on receipt of the stock.
  • Relevant assignments wherever applicable are also issued to students along with the SLMs wherever available.Students are also advised to download the relevant assignments from the IGNOU website www.ignou.ac.in by visiting the student’s zone-assignments.
  • Issue of SLMs to the students will be completed before conducting the induction programmes at the respective study centre so that student can have the reference material and Programme Guide in hand before they start attending to counseling sessions.
  • Many-a-times students change their addresses, medium of instruction and courses. In such cases students will be asked to return SLMs earlier issued and supplied fresh set of materials. Students are advised to write to theRegional Centre or send an email to rckochi_materials@ignou.ac.in or call to 0484-210220 for any issue with regard to SLMs.
  • If a student does not receive the SLMs despite sending by post for any reason whatsoever, the University shall not be held responsible for that. However, if a student genuinely present his/ her case, the RC will send SLMs again after verification, case by case.
  • In case of change of elective within 30 days from the receipt of first set of course material will be given on payment of requisite fee as per the norms of the University and after confirmation of the change course by the Admission Section.
  • Change of medium is permitted within 30 days from the receipt of first set of course material in the first year only and on payment of requisite fee as per the norms of University.
  • Students are required to produce ID card issued by the Regional Centre at the time of collecting the SLMs from Regional Centre or from Study Centres.