31 October, 2014

Regional Centre

Assignments are one of the most crucial components of the teaching-learning strategy of IGNOU and is a part of the Continuous Evaluation. Usually, Assignments carry 25% to 30% weightage in the overall course grade.
The University provides assignment question booklet to the students along with the study material wherein general instructions for submitting assignments and the due dates for assignment submission are indicated. Assignment Question Booklets for every session are also posted on the IGNOU website (www.ignou.ac.in) and can be downloaded by the students and Study centre functionaries.
Submission of assignments is compulsory for appearing in Term End Examination. Therefore, students have to submit the assignment responses within the prescribed date at their study centre. While applying for the Term End Examination, students have to obtain an authentication from the Coordinator/ Programme-in-charge of their centre regarding submission of their assignments.
Preparing the written assignments requires the students to read their study material and other related reference books so as to answer assignment questions better. A thorough reading of the study material along with additional reading of reference books mentioned in the units of the study material helps students in comprehending the subject. Assignments have to be handwritten by the student and the student should place a covering sheet clearly mentioning information such as the enrolment number, course code and course title of the assignment, date of submission, address of the students etc. Students are advised to keep photocopies of the assignment responses they submit at the Study Centre for their future reference.
Assignments submitted by the students at the study centre will be got evaluated by academic counsellors of the respective course. After evaluation of the assignments, the students should collect their assignments back to know their marks/ grades as well as for obtaining written feedback from the counsellors. Feedback provided by the academic counsellors by way of global and marginal comments, will help the student in comprehending the subject content better and in overcoming limitations and improve subsequent performance in writing assignments and Term End Examinations. If the students do not receive their evaluated assignments before the Term End Examination, they should contact the Study Centre for the same.
In case a student has applied for change of Study Centre or Regional Centre, he/she is expected to submit assignments at their old Study Centre till records are transferred to the new Regional Centre and Study Centre.
Assignments are changed every year. If students have missed to write assignments earlier and now wants to submit the assignment, they should collect the Assignment question booklet of the current session/ semester and then write the assignments. New assignments for each session/ semester can be downloaded from IGNOU website www.ignou.ac.in or from Material Distribution section, IGNOU Regional Centre, Kaloor, Cochin. Certificate programmes, usually do not have assignments. However, students are advised to consult your Programme Guide for specific details.