15 August, 2020

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10 June, 2020

1. Please enter your details carefully. Error in entry of details may lead to non-reflection of  Assignment Awards

2. Scanned copy of Handwritten Assignment only is accepted for evaluation

3. Maximum file size of the Assignment Response uploaded is limited to 100 MB

4. File type uploaded should be either Document or PDF

5. Students who have already submitted HARDCOPY of Assignment at Study Centre NEED NOT submit the soft copy of the Assignment response again here

6. Students who have sent Assignments Response through email so far but have experienced that their mail has bounced back should fill this form compulsorily and submit the Assignment Response through this mode only. Students who have submitted the Assignment Response by email NEED NOT submit again

7. Each Programme has the prescribed number of Courses. Please know the courses for which you have to submit the Assignment Response before proceeding to fill the form. Submission of Assignment Response is s prerequisite for appearing in the TEE

8. A Student has to fill one form for one Assignment Response. That means, if a student has Assignment Response for five courses (subjects) to submit, then this form has to be submitted five times separately with each of the Assignment Response. Please be careful NOT to repeat the submission of the same Assignment Response for all the five courses.

9. The file name should be in the format Enrolment Number_Course Code (Eg: 12345678_MEG1)

10. A copy of the details entered in every Google sheet will be auto delivered to your email id. Please do not use multiple email IDs to submit the Assignment Response

11. Multiple submission of the same Assignment Response from multiple email ID is not entertained. Linking with the enrolment no, the first Assignment Response received from the first email id will be considered for evaluation

Good wishes to you from IGNOU!