02 July, 2020

Regional Centre


Dr J S Dorothy

Regional Director

 * Completed Master of Science and M.Phil Degree in Foods and Nutrition; Master of Arts in Public Administration from the University of Madras.  Completed the Post Graduation Diploma in Distance Education, B.Com Degree, Master of Arts in Distance Education and Doctorate in Education from Indira Gandhi National Open University 

* Environmental Sustainability Course (Non Credit)   Programme and Communication Technologies in Education (4 Credit) on  SWAYAM Portal
* Was in the team responsible for implementing the evaluation of answer scripts for selected programmes on pilot basis at Regional level before the establishment of the Regional Evaluation Centre at Chennai
* Was the first employee of Bijapur Regional Centre and was responsible to make it functional in 2011 and handover to the Regional Director in 2013
* Worked in Four Regional Centre namely Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai and Bijapur before joining Cochin
* Proficient in Computer and Pianoforte/Theory of Music (Through Trinity college of Music, London)
* Good in Translation techniques (English to Tamil/Tamil to English)
* Have passed the National Level Test for Lectureship in the subject Home Science conducted by University Grants Commission (UGC)
* Have undergone a spoken Japanese course 
* Volunteer for maintaining greenery (specially interested in creating Roadside garden from discarded/uprooted plants), Protection of life (human life/wildlife/Plantlife) and for ensuring work-life balance of dislocated employees
 Regional Centre Kaloor,
Kochi Kerala 682017